Grilled Vegetable Pizza

Grilled Vegetable Pizza is easier than you think to make! This simple dinner recipe is great for any summer cook out. Have fun and get creative with your pizza toppings.




  1. Make sure you preheat and grease up your grill. Then place your stretched out pizza dough straight onto the grates (be careful, it’s hot!)
  2. Grill one side of the dough for about 1 minute 30 seconds with the lid closed, then flip it and cook another 30 seconds with the lid closed.
  3. Take it off the grill, and add the toppings to lesser cooked of the two sides. You want the bottom to be the crispier side.
  4. Place the pizza back onto the grill in a cooler spot with the lid closed (not over the flames). On my grill the front doesn’t get as hot. You just want to melt the cheese.